Jerry Lewis October 26

Jerry Lewis! He is one of The Most Recognized Personalities on the Planet! He’s an Academy Award winner, Hollywood/Las Vegas icon, Nobel Peace Prize nominee and international treasure. Learn More

Recycled Percussion November 1

Recycled Percussion, finalist of the 2009 America’s Got Talent, is making noise in Aurora. Learn More

Under The Streetlamp November 9

Let the good times roll with Under the Streetlamp in the perfectly acoustic, historic Paramount Theatre. Learn More

Mary Poppins November 26 - January 4

Mary Poppins is more than just a story about a family and a nanny.  It’s a story about love, spirit, believing the best in people, about celebrating, liberating, magic, about reconnecting and appreciating what is right in front of your nose.  Most importantly, it’s about fun. Learn More

Classic Movie Mondays

Enjoy the classics of modern cinema on the magnificent silver screen of the Paramount Theatre...for the incredibly low price of just $1 per ticket! Learn More

The Broadway Series

Every season, The Paramount presents original productions of the most beloved Broadway musicals ever performed. LEARN MORE

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    The Paramount is at the heart of a community center, including dining, hotels, and the Hollywood Casino. LEARN MORE

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